Claire Foy to star in BBC’s A Very British Scandal

Claire Foy will star alongside Paul Bettany in BBC One’s upcoming drama A Very British Scandal.

A follow up to the multiple award-winning A Very English Scandal, the three-part series will focus on one of the most notorious legal case of the 20th century: the Duke of Argyll’s divorce from Duchess Margaret Argyll. 

Under the aggressively watchful eye of the 1960s media, Margaret, once famed for her charisma, style and beauty, dominated front pages as her divorce carried allegations of theft, forgery, violence, drug-taking, secret recording, bribery and an explicit polaroid picture.

A victim of public vilification and betrayal by her closest friends, Margaret fought hard against a society that delighted in her fall from grace, maintaining her bravery and resilience throughout. 

Exploring whether institutional misogyny was at play, A Very British Scandal will dissect the scandal to uncover attitudes towards women in the unforgiving social and political climate of post-war Britain.

Filming will take place across the UK later this year.