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Get a Taste for Acting School with OSD’s Acting Masterclass

The Oxford School of Drama

One of the many considerations when applying to professional Actor training is the style of teaching that each institution offers. Here at OSD, we are lifting the curtain on training and offering you all a glimpse into the rehearsal room with our 30 Minute Acting Masterclass, led by our Head of Acting, John Ward.

John showcases the training on offer here at OSD, where you’ll find mentors who are not only experts in their field but also passionate advocates for your success and peers who form a community not just a student body.

Guided by John, our third year graduating students Cynthia and Jowan navigate their monologues using a series of practical tools. John presents a series of accessible and effective exercises that explore journey, connection, target, and circumstances. These practical tools can be used to support the actor in exploring, unpacking, and deepening the text on their feet.

This video brilliantly depicts the quality of training we offer here at OSD. It can also be used as a tool when rehearsing monologues for auditions, ensuring that the work you offer is the very best it can be.

At The Oxford School of Drama, we believe in nurturing talented individuals into adaptable and exciting actors. We know that through collaboration, connection and craft, the actor has the power to impact change. Our Three Year, One Year, and Foundation Course applications are still open, so start your journey towards unlocking your potential today.

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