2 Live-Streamed Productions from Third Years

The Oxford School of Drama is pleased to announce 2 upcoming live-streamed productions – Tiger Country & Moonfleece – performed by the graduating three-year acting course students.

Moonfleece by Philip Ridley
13 & 15 May
On-Demand: 18 -24 May

Directed by Gemma Aked-Priestley (Ripe, Nuffield Southampton Theatres, Make It So Festival 2020 & My Dad’s Blind (Irish Tour/ Abbey Theatre/Dublin Fringe Festival), Moonfleece is an intense and thrilling exploration of memory and identity, with themes of contemporary resonance: racism, homophobia, and how those in authority distort both the truth and the past.

This play is Philip Ridley’s most direct representation yet of his hopes and fears for disadvantaged, diverse communities of today’s society, as two groups of teenagers are forced to judge for themselves the prejudices and preconceptions of their parents. This is a vital, relevant and compelling story for the whole country.

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Tiger Country by Nina Raine
14 & 15 May
On-Demand: 18 -24 May

Directed by Josh Roche (My Name is Rachel Corrie, Young Vic & Radio, Audible UK), Tiger Country is a play about medics that follows a tangle of doctors and nurses through their working life in a busy London hospital.

Professionalism and prejudice, turbulent staff romances, ambition and failure collide in this swirling, action-packed drama about an overburdened health service. But most of all, it is about the particular blend of care, pragmatism and ruthlessness that is required by the people who keep the system running.

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Both productions will live-streamed twice on the 13-15 May, before a week of on-demand access.