The Oxford School of Drama

A Serial Killers Guide To Life Produced By Charity Wakefield

a serial killers guide

The Oxford School of Drama graduate Charity Wakefield has produced A Serial Killers Guide to Life. It is a female led, jet black comedy film.  Three other Oxford School of Drama graduates feature – Carys Lewis, Will Strange and Frances Millar.

The film is about a self-help addict, Lou who unwittingly embarks on a road trip of violent self-discovery with her unhinged new life coach, Val. 30-something, self-help addict, Lou Farnt (Katie Brayben) wants nothing more than to escape her overly controlling mother and the dead-end seaside town where she grew up. When strange and strikingly confident Val (Poppy Roe) invites Lou on a road trip of alternative therapies, Lou finds the perfect opportunity to leave, and the perfect person to become. Unfortunately for Lou, Val’s a serial killer. The film is currently on Apple TV, iTunes, BT, Virgin, Amazon Prime Video and also in select cinemas for Q+A screenings. 

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