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Luke Dayhill will be playing Andrew in ‘Moment of Grace’

Moment of Grace

Luke Dayhill will be playing Andrew in ‘Moment of Grace’ written by Bren Gosling and directed by Nicky Allpress alongside Andrew Paul and Lucy Walker-Evans.

Originally commissioned as a play at the Tristan bates theatre for a 3-week run from June to July but because of Covid-19 crisis it will now be a short film shot in quarantine and released for gay pride. It will then have a run in a London theatre either late this year or early next year.

The play poses the question; Would you have risked everything to challenge ignorance about AIDS? It’s 1987. Princess Diana’s landmark visit to a London AIDS ward has sparked world-wide interest, camera crews and a televised interview. But AIDS remains taboo. Even being seen to work on this ward could cost you everything. To change public misconceptions, would you risk it? Told through the eyes of Jude, a nurse on the ward, Andrew, a patient, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son, this ground-breaking new play Moment of Grace tells how the Princess’s visit brought critical attention to AIDS awareness through empathy and acts of kindness.

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