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Olivia Bromley nominated for ‘Best Newcomer in a Soap’ award for her portrayal of Dawn in Emmerdale

The Oxford School of Drama

Olivia joined the cast of Emmerdale last year in a guest role as a drug-addicted prostitute and has since become a regular character.

  Speaking about her recent storyline and the possibility of Emmerdale fans turning against her character, Olivia told Digital Spy this month: “They probably will. But that doesn’t bother me as an actor, because I think it’s fun to play these parts where you’re not always going to be popular. A real character has these flaws and Dawn is a really complicated character. What’s been really nice about what I’ve done so far is that when I came in, Dawn wasn’t exactly likeable. She was hard, she was a heroin addict and people weren’t sure of her. She was also involved with Ross, who is a very popular character and she was dragging him down a bit. Then people were slowly starting to warm to her, which has been really nice because it’s been a little bit less judgemental. Now I’m sure there will be a bit of hate! But it’s real stories and no-one’s perfect.”

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