Samantha Colley gets ecstatic reviews for her role as Einstein’s wife in Genius

Samantha colley

National Geographic’s first scripted series is about the life of Einstein and features Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn, Emily Watson and Robert Lindsay. Graduate Samantha Colley plays Einstein’s first wife. The series also stars Charity Wakefield with appearances by Brendan Douglas and Foundation Course graduate Luke Dale.

The New York Times wrote:
“Samantha Colley, a relative newcomer, is simply great as this new love interest, Mileva Maric, who would become Einstein’s first wife; some have argued she also may have contributed to his breakthroughs. Ms. Colley perfectly captures the strength and frustration of a brilliant woman who was well ahead of her time.”

Variety Magazine wrote:
“Einstein’s first wife, Mileva Maric, whose lonely journey as one of the few women pursuing a scientific degree in the 1890s is brought to empathic life by Samantha Colley”

Hollywood Reporter wrote:
“Colley, who I was lucky enough to see doing tremendous work in The Crucible in London, gives the primary Marić an intensity that’s scary and alluring. Fleshing out that character and keeping the women in Einstein’s life as worthy contributors is one of the best things about Genius.”